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What Is Your Los Angeles Music Video Dream? Tell Us And You Can Get LAMVF Tickets!

What Is Your Los Angeles Music Video Dream Tell Us And You Can Get LAMVF Tickets

It’s that time of year again: the Los Angeles Music Video Festival is coming! The little discipline smashing celebration returns for its third year next week with four nights of audio/video mashings, industry insider information, and lots of awards for rad new videomakers. To help get you guys excited about LAMVF’s arrival, we thought we’d poll you guys about what would make a dream Los Angeles music video and give you a chance to win tickets to the festival.

Following up on what your favorite LA music videos are, we want to take things a step forward: let’s brainstorm what could be the dream pairing for a dream LA music video. Taking a cue from LAMVF’s Life’s A Pitch music video contest (where directors pitch a band a concept for a video and then win the chance to execute it), we want to brainstorm what LA artists you’d like to see pair up to make a cool music video. Here’s what we want to hear…

Los Angeles Band: A Los Angeles musical act who you really enjoy and who you’d like to see a video from. You can pick contemporary artists or ones from way back when: we want you guys to get creative. Can’t think of a band? Peruse our Music category for some ideas.
A Cool (Hopefully LA) Director: Who would you like to see apply their visual aesthetic to said cool LA band? Drawing from contemporary film persons to those past, give us a director you’d like to see collaborate with them. Note: this person doesn’t necessarily have to be an Angeleno. We’ll give them the “Hollywood” card and grandfather in all directors as “Hollywood people.”
What You’d Want To See: Why this pairing? What would you hope would come out of the collaboration? Is there a concept or a song you have in mind for the pairing? Is there a film or music video from either artist that inspired this decision?

That’s all we want to hear! It’s an easy and fun and creative challenge and we’re hoping you guys can send us some wild entries. To enter, leave your idea in the comments or email submit[at]laimyours[dot]com with the subject “LAMVF Entry!” Please get these in by April 30 at noon as we’ll be announcing the winner that afternoon. To give you an idea of what we want, here’s our entry into the competition…

• Band: YACHT
• Director: Wayne White
• Why? Both YACHT and Wayne White are LA folk who have some huge, often wacky ideas. Both are fun and both have this don’t-give-a-fuck, trailblazer attitude about them that defies their respective industries. Moreover, they are both incredibly creative individuals. Having seen Wayne’s work on Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time” (above), Smashing Pumpkin’s “Tonight, Tonight,” and The Offspring’s “She’s Got Issues” and YACHT’s willingness to experiment with their music videos, it would be a great pairing. Now, yes, White didn’t really direct the aforementioned videos but wouldn’t it be rad to see cardboard triangle creatures made by White for YACHT? Wouldn’t it be rad to take the Shangri-LA to the Playhouse? This would be a win-win for music and video lovers everywhere.

There you have it: that’s what we’re looking for! Again, be creative and have fun with this. We’re excited to see what you guys have to say! If you can’t contain yourself about LAMVF, you can go ahead and buy tickets here, too.

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