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Keenhouse’s Where I Belong

Keenhouse's Where I Belong

It’s been more than half a year since we checked up on what Ken Rangkuty’s Keenhouse has been up to. Last we left off, he released a new album Four Dreams and is still supporting the release with various activities. Most recently, a new video for lead single “Where I Belong” has come out and it gives the song an ethereal, futuristic quality much like the Keenhouse sound. He also has a little accompanying artbook available that helps build out the world of Four Dreams beyond the audial and into the visual.

The video is directed by Tokyo based video artist Shinya Sato. If you recall, “Where I Belong” already had been given the music video treatment by way of a photography driven fairy tale directed by Devin Curry. Sato took a step back for this video and has really meditated on the themes of searching for a community and the feeling of isolation, which is beautifully animated in bright baby blues, electric yellows, and white. The actual action of the video follows various shapes and human forms being deconstructed by a wandering little line who kind of makes the world around it go insane. The video lends itself very well to the beautiful emptiness the song alludes to in addition to the mild mania associated with said state. The video is very well done and, while it would be mean to pick a favorite of the two takes on the song, this one we’re a little partial to because of the universality of the visuals.

Because the video wasn’t enough, Sato also contributed some work to the Four Dreams artbook Keenhouse also recently released. The book includes visual interpretations of the album’s dreams done by artists Sunao Maruyama (MARS), Lian Rangkuty, and Elliot Fiedler. “When we first started the project each artist picked a set of three songs, which make up one continuous ‘Dream’ on the album,” Ken explains in a statement. “There were no set rules or limitations in the artist’s interpretation of the music. Instead, the goal was to give a visual translation of the music, and what each artist would see while listening to it.” Thus, the book gives you totally new takes on these songs themes and we should all cross our fingers in the hopes of three other videos from each corresponding artists. Time will tell!

For now, you can catch Sato’s beautiful take on “Where I Belong” below and you can get more on the Four Dreams book here.

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