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Shepard Fairey’s New Mural Construction On La Brea

Shepard Fairey's New Mural Construction On La Brea

Completely accidentally, we saw Shepard Fairey constructing his new mural on La Brea and Detroit. We had actually heard from M2 Projects yesterday that this would be happening but totally happened on it without meaning to. It’s a part of a bigger project and Art Exhibition coming soon. Hear what MK2 had to say after the jump!

Madison Marquette and MK2 Projects will unveil an art mural completed by Shepard Fairey on November 11th, 2011 along with a group Art Exhibition featuring original artwork by artist Shepard Fairey, Deedee Cheriel, Mercedes, Helnwein, Mark Whalen (Kill Pixie), Mel Kadel, Travis Millard, Matt Small, Samuel Lowder (FrePrs), Lezley Saar, Aiko, Todd Carpenter and Steven R. Gilmore. Madison and Merry Karnowsky of MK2 Projects began discussing the project of an Art Mural earlier this year when Madison Marquette began renovations of the historic Continental Graphics Buildings into a new collective destination called District La Brea. The project features eleven buildings encompassing 85,000 square feet between 1st and 2nd Streets on La Brea including a 125 space parking garage; which can be accessed through the alley off of 2nd Street between La Brea and Detroit.

“The focus of District La Brea is to bring together unique retail, restaurants, designers, and galleries that reflect the artistic and creative landscape of the neighborhood. Our vision is to bring more attention to all the businesses in the area and to bring in new visionaries while creating a destination called ‘District La Brea.” said Brandt Leitze, General Manager, Madison Marquette.

The area already hosts an eclectic mix of galleries, retailers, and restaurants including Merry Karnowsky Gallery, Fahey Klein Gallery, and Coutier Gallery, Tinga Buena, Feal Mor, What Goes Around Comes Around, General Quarters, Union, Undefeated, Self Edge, Stussy and Don Ville Shoes.

“The idea is to grow and stimulate the district and enhance the already strong creative vision in clothing design, furniture design, visual art, and culinary art. This is how the idea of Shepard Fairey doing an art mural on the building began.” said Leitze.

Merry Karnowsky, who has worked with Fairy in the past, and proposed him for the mural, said “I’ve known Shepard for a long time and how he works. In addition to having great ideas that translate very positively and inspirationally at a scale this large, he is also someone that can execute a project of this magnitude with finesse and professionalism.” MK2 Projects focus is to give artist’s opportunities to do projects in the spirit of collaboration and have it inspire other artists and people in the community.

To celebrate the completion of the mural, there will also be a 2 week group art exhibition tied into the project which will open on Friday November 11th in conjunction with the unveiling of the art mural. The exhibition will feature original artwork by Shepard Fairey and several other artists who have worked in some capacity on public projects as part of their artistic journey, and who embrace the idea of collaboration with other types of artists, designers, and musicians. The Group Exhibition will run from Friday, November 11 through Saturday, November 26th, 2011 at MK2 Projects 161 S. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90036

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