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A Look At Spring Street Park

A Look At Spring Street Park 1

Last week, someone sent us a note about a rad little park that was going onto Spring Street, Downtown. The Lehrer Architects project looked like a nice effort to bring modern greenness to Downtown and definitely appeared to be very, very well done. It looks innovative and bright and certainly is a place where people on Spring will want to gather and hang out. We had no idea that the park was nearly completed, though: while Downtown this weekend moseying around, we accidentally stumbled upon the almost completed Spring Street Park. How does it look? Pretty cool–but we’re sure a lot more work needs to be done.

First, the park is a lot smaller than we thought it was going to be. Not that we expected it to be huge but we didn’t really “get” that it was in between the buildings on 4th and Spring and 5th and Spring: it’s essentially where the third building should be but is now being returned to a green zone. Second, everything looks to be there for the most part–except for that crazy paint job. There are chairs and trees planted, the embellished gate is up and the Park name is up–the geometric gate fountain is even on, too! But where are all those green circles and squiggles and more? Not there. Maybe they are still coming or maybe they were scratched them but they are absolutely nowhere to be found.

A Look At Spring Street Park 2

A Look At Spring Street Park 3

Yet, the red stripe the bisects the park does exist and those little track lines are there too. The techno-screen from the drawings doesn’t seem to be up yet either and one thing that was sadly missing were all the trees that helped to make the park look like a ground floor treehouse. Of course a few things get dropped from plans and eventual execution but we were certainly a little bit saddened that the Park in its current state is the much more vanilla version of the ambitious plans.

Obviously, this was all gathered while passing by the park and peeking our heads through the fence to see how it looked. And it looks great! It’s going to be really awesome and undoubtedly is going to build a great outdoor culture on a Downtown street that is on the up and up. Who knows: maybe the green squiggles and big trees are the last things they’ll be adding to the park? Who knows! We’ll all find out very soon.

A Look At Spring Street Park 4

A Look At Spring Street Park 5

A Look At Spring Street Park 6

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