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Richard Jackson Knows Bad Dogs

Richard Jackson Knows Bad Dogs 1

While researching for yesterday’s Baldessari Still Life app post, we stumbled upon a photo of a giant dog peeing on a building. Was it a joke? Where does this thing exist? Did I go to sleep and create this object as a manifestation of a dream? What the fuck is this and why have none of us heard about this??? Well, yes, it is real and it isn’t far from us in LA: as a part of his Ain’t Painting A Pain show at Orange County Museum of Art, artist Richard Jackson made a giant dog sculpture that is peeing on the face of the building. It’s called Bad Dog and, my friends, this may be the single most important piece of art that we have ever encountered. It is brilliant.

Richard Jackson Knows Bad Dogs  2.1

As you can see, the piece is a giant labrador taking a wizz. It includes a big yellow pee mark (in case you didn’t understand what the pup was doing), which Jackson did himself by climbing up into the dog and squirting out paint from where the canine penile device would be. (If you’re interested, you can watch a very long video of him “activating the sculpture” here.) The sculpture was made for his fun and irreverent show and obviously is wonderful as it is housed in the very conservative Southern California Orange County. It’s a pretty brilliant middle finger to all around.

Bad Dog is just great. There isn’t much to say about it: it is just so good. It won’t be up that much longer either: Jackson’s show closes May 5 with a big bye-bye celebration May 4 that will let you paint the exterior of the building. So, dog people: if you can, make it down South to see this giant dog as he may not be around for much longer. If you can’t, do what we’ve done and drool over these photos (which are courtesy of Alberta Mayo).

Richard Jackson Knows Bad Dogs 4

Richard Jackson Knows Bad Dogs 2

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