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Ira Svobodová’s White Space

Ira Svobodová's White Space 1

Ira Svobodová is not a Los Angeles based artist. She’s actually Czech but she has a show up at Laguna’s CES Contemporary. It’s called White Space and it’s a showing of space exploring paintings. They hint at everything from the Modernist movement to interior architecture and the show feels particularly well timed considering that there is a big Southern California examining architecture showcase happening right now. We’re pretty obsessed with her work: they’re linear, they’re abstract, they’re minimal, and they feel extremely “now.”

Her paintings are acrylic on linen. They usually have a base white/gray or black/brown background that–without the color accents–feels like a room or zoomed in detail of a space. She then outlines the space (or abstraction of that space) with colorful lines that act like fashionable painter’s tape or bright lasers sectioning off different parts of the room. The connection to architecture finds itself in her mixing abstraction with linear forms–and that is exactly what her inspiration is, too.

Ira Svobodová's White Space 2

“For me, White Space is a personal space where you can give feelings and ideas concrete form. It is full of light and lightness and endless possibilities,” Ira says. “Light and white are two of the key elements both in my creative process and in my life. Everything emanates from light and is ideologically created. White is the color of light–something that is actually colorless and, in terms of optics, conceals a wide range of colors, therefore containing the possibility of all other colors.”

The show is Ira’s first solo show in the United States and her work is totally wonderful. It’s funny that the artist isn’t local because her work seems very much like it could be. Then again, it’s very universal and ties to artistic and architectural movements that have become popularized in Los Angeles: of course there is a rich relationship between the two. Get more information on the show here and it’ll be on view through May 30.

Ira Svobodová's White Space 3

Ira Svobodová's White Space 4

Ira Svobodová's White Space 5

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