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What Type Of Angeleno Are You?

What Type Of Angeleno Are You?

A few days ago I was doing something and had this strange realization for the first time that I am some abnormal Angeleno who obsesses over this city and who has dedicated so much time and energy to it that I’m not just any other person who lives here: I’m like a super citizen of this city. You’d think running a website called “Los Angeles, I’m Yours” would automatically implant this idea into your brain but, really, it has not: it’s only now sinking in that myself–and the LAIY contributors–are huge fanatics of this city. It’s bizarre but not everyone sees this city as an glass-is-half-full-of-rainbows-and-sunshine kind of place: not everyone loves to be here. Weird!

In an attempt to pin down how we feel toward this city, we thought it would be fun to do a quiz or something to help us all see what kind of LA person we are. Are we a superfan of the city? Are we just a regular someone? Do we not even live here? We hope to help you figure that out with our “What Type Of Angeleno Are You?” quiz!

Using ProProfs and lots of images from The Fox Is Black’s Instagram, we made a bunch of questions and answers for the LAIY audience–and beyond–to help you figure out where you stand in relationship to LA. Before starting, know that this test is not flawless and should not be the reason for you to move away or be angry if you get an unfavorable result: the mechanics of this are totally imperfect and this is meant to be fun. Take it with lots of grains of salt and retake it if you thought it was fun. With that, enjoy!

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