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The Mesa

The Mesa

Usually when we get a food or drink item to write about, we make sure that we take the time to try it and take photos and really give it the attention that it deserves. Everything deserves a fair sharing! Well, when we got a hand on Cismontane Brewing‘s The Mesa, we did not stop trying it to get it photographed and ready to share: we just gobbled it all up. What is The Mesa? It’s a beer/wine hybrid from the Southern California coast that will please just about every drinker around.

The Mesa is described as a “new school testament to the tradition of brewing beer with grapes.” It’s a bubbly light gold drink that is a blend of Cismontane Pilsner and Santa Lucia Riesling, broken into 75% and 25% respectively. Moreover, it’s fermented with both wine and beer yeast resulting in a totally unique liquid hybrid. What does that mean for taste? It feels like a beer and tastes like a strange beer/wine hybrid. That may sound pretty unpalletable but we asure you it is not: it’s like they grabbed the best elements of both and then found out which complimented each other best and then let those enjoy the company of each other. That’s basically it.

How does it taste specifically? Kind of like a sophisticated, super crisp, not-sweet cider. There are huge apple notes all over this and it is a little *too* easy to drink. You’ll also note from our only photo of it that their packaging and branding is totally fantastic. We’re a bit obsessed with this drink and cannot recommend it enough. You can find out where the drink is sold here (we found it at a Whole Foods, FYI).

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