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Speaking With TEEBS


Mtendere Mandowa is an artist and musician from Chino Hills who you may know better as his electronic music moniker TEEBS. Recently, Theo Jemison created a little documentary on TEEBS’ art and process, following him doing everything from creating canvases to painting and finishing a piece.

Friend of the site and artist Travis Millard sent us this little documentary on the artist, whose new album came out this week. In the video, Theo hung out with TEEBS for an afternoon or so, where they speak about how the artist’s process has evolved. TEEBS says that his work is looser and creating a new language for himself, which is funny to hear as he is an artist whose visual work and musical works overlap so heavily. Language is something embedded in his work, although words are rarely used.

Take a few minutes and watch the documentary. It’s really well made and showcases a new artist you should keep tabs on musically and visually.

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