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How do you articulate taste? Taste in terms of what you like is easy to express–but taste in terms of flavors of a food? This is very complicated. It’s something we struggle with in terms of food reviews as we want to make sure we efficiently convey the exact flavor of something. Is there a better way to express this? Local designer EunJin Park must have had a similar conundrum and may have found a solution: use color and shapes to show what you taste! She’s created an app concept called Spotaste that gives you the tools to visualize what you taste.

Using a system of spots to represent sweetness, sourness, saltiness, and spiciness, Spotaste allows you to create little symbols to show how something tastes. You have pinks dots for sweetness to furious orange and red squiggles to capture spice: she matches color and forms to represent how something is, all of which you can amp up in terms of intensity. You can apparently create over eight million taste alternatives which you apply to dishes or to entire food establishments. The concept of Spotaste takes the burden of recommendation off of photos and words and puts them into symbols.

Spotaste 2.1

Spotaste 2

What we also love about Spotaste is that it is so well designed. From the symbols to how the app functions (Well, appears to function.), everything is cared for. Each little sour splat or salt shape is finely made to allow users to play with how they compose a taste visual while being attractive on their own. The collision of the good design and bright pops of color make for these small splatter paint like metaphors for food to really shine. It’s a brilliant, creative concept for exploring food.

Our only critique is that you cannot simply state if something is good or bad, expressing the other form of taste that is very important when recommending something. Alternatively, if you use the app for yourself and yourself alone, you could log your flavor tastes in a way that you log your sleeping patterns with the Sleepcycle app. That’s really interesting! It’s a fascinating concept that makes you question how you express foods’ taste. We’d love to give this app a try and hope that Park takes this from concept to reality. See more concept art for the app here.

Spotaste 3

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