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The Beautifully Illustrated World Of Eszter Chen


Eszter Chen may just be finishing up her Illustration BFA at Art Center but she’s already accomplished a shit ton of work. Like what? She’s participated in a handful of shows in and out of town in addition to doing multiple illustrations for Marie Claire Taiwan. We’ve spoken about students who go above and beyond just being a student and Eszter has far exceeded her role of being educated. What is even more remarkable about the artist is that she is like seventeen different types of artists all combined into on person. Scanning her work, you can find ties between it all but, damn, is she good at keeping you guessing at what she can do (because she basically can do anything).

There are two factors in Chen’s work: her subjects and her styles. Her subjects balance between personal works that detail her life, fashionable works that detail her interests, patterns that explain her aesthetic, and general “things that she sees.” They are so incredibly varied from realistic sketches of a person to more emotive, impressionistic slants to a subject. Everything in her works have a life and movement to them whether they are a still life or a pattern or a portrait: they all have life to them. This is why her subject doesn’t matter in terms of them all connecting to each other: they all have the same energy to them tied together by her rich style.


The Beautifully Illustrated World Of Eszter Chen 3

This style is key because it is so varied but so incredibly her. She says in her bio that she “likes to draw, paint, and sculpt” and “likes pattern, handwritten type, and application design.” Those are a lot of things! How does that manifest itself? She does a little bit of everything! She is able to do her colorful, pattern clashing pieces in addition to more classic sketches of things that–if you look close enough–has those same energy. You can see that specifically in the above drawings of bags spilling their beauty items because, instead of them containing items that logically fit in there, Eszter tosses in shoes and bottles of perfume and body parts, all these things that could not logically be in a bag.

We love her work and have been wanting to share it for some time but we’ve had trouble figuring out which aspect of her work to share. Thus, we decided to share them all as they’re tied by a very Yayoi Kusama inspired point of view. You’ll have a great time perusing her work: check out more here.

The Beautifully Illustrated World Of Eszter Chen 4


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