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Al Que Quiere Is Everything That You Want

Al Que Quiere Is Everything That You Want 1

Everything is getting a little more shape in Los Angeles. Objects being made here are a composite of different forms and typically a collision of design ideologies. You see this in the work of Ben Medansky and in Shin Okuda’s Waka Waka furniture: Los Angeles’ current style obsession is taking a maximalist approach to minimalist items. Al Que Quiere is a furniture and object maker who we can slide into this mix, too. The brand was started by local Matthew Sullivan and the brand is seriously playful with what they make–and they make everything you’ve always wanted for your home.

The brand–whose name comes from Latin phrase “for he who wants it”–is a combination of multiple references but two come to mind immediately: 1970s furnishing (odd shapes and light colored woods included) and classic Greek opulence in material and detail. This is a somewhat strange combination, sure, but you have things like a marble topped table that could be a coliseum for puppies and a bowl fit for the Zeus of Studio 54. There are table legs that look like woody Ionic columns and objects that appear to be colorful staircases to temples and lots and lots of shapes being neatly stacked atop of each other. This juxtaposition in styles is incredibly playful and wonderfully nonsensical, landing the work of the design firm (or–as they say–“‘collective’ or whatever”) in an almost Dadaist world of aesthetic mixing.

Al Que Quiere Is Everything That You Want 2

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Their work is serious, though. “Design is often functionally minded whilst being ignorant of its associative, cultural cargo,” the brand describes in their info page. Their creations while wild are intended to be comfortable and to be at all times enjoyable. Their work is well made and their intentions are incredibly bright: they want to make you nice things to put in your home that will make you smile and ease the burden of finding the functional. “AQQ holds that life is deeply horrible but one can still be profoundly optimistic,” they say. “We should constantly strain our necks, and hearing, to eavesdrop on that which is unstable and strike when the mystical synapse, to that which is non-human, opens. Sometimes the expression of this can be a chair.”

Finding AQQ’s work was a bit like going inside of some sort of looking glass of dreamy design only to find out that the dream is a reality–and one born in Los Angeles, too. If you want to get more than just their homemade furniture, you can also peruse their art objects and a beautiful collection of vintage items that are enough to make Kelly Wearstler scream with jealousy. Get more on the brand here and, for a look at their full covetable inventory, you can peruse this page (prices included, too).

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