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Ana Serrano’s Salon Of Beauty


This morning we got a tip on Twitter from Walley Films about a video they did about Los Angeles artist Ana Serrano. Ana is known for creating cardboard sculptures of storefronts and buildings inspired by Los Angeles and uniquely LA neighborhood visual iconography. Commissioned by Rice University, she made a very large, almost-to-scale piece entitled Salon Of Beauty, the subject of the Walley’s latest film.

The video showcases Ana creating the piece, sharing photographic inspiration of where she pulled sources from around Los Angeles. As she creates the piece, she narrates her thought process and idea behind Salon. Ana recently graduated from Art Center and is used to making smaller pieces; however, Salon was such a big endeavor that required many helpers to create the piece. The video details how she had to amplify her process for the first time to create a really massive installation.

Salon of Beauty and Ana’s smaller sculptures seek to create an “untraditional but beautiful environment,” which are realistic while being completely whimsical and fun. They really make you happy, but they do carry an air of sincerity as the places portrayed are in need of help and carry a political commentary on a subject embedded in the Southwest.

Salon of Beauty is up at Rice University in Houston, Texas through mid December. You can see more photos of the piece here.

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