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Jeff Burton’s Blurry Los Angeles

Jeff Burton's Blurry Los Angeles

Céline is a very fancy clothing maker who are not at all from LA. However, it appears that they’ve very recently opened their new Rodeo Drive storefront and are quite excited about it. How does a big luxury brand celebrate a new store opening? Well, they hire a well known photographer to make a video dedicated to the city and to the new store, one that ironically has nothing to do with clothes or the new store. The video is by photographer Jeff Burton and it’s a blurry, hazy, drugged out view of Los Angeles by car. It’s a neat video but, again, it’s funny that it has nothing to do with the store.

The video starts with a blue-whitewashed frame that eventually lets you see the Hollywood sign and continues on with a watery, fluid POV for over two minutes. It’s a strange love letter to Los Angeles that isn’t gushing with tons of love nor is it wallowing in LA doom melancholia. There is quite a bit of surprising stereotyping (traffic, the Hollywood sign, palm trees, the beach, Walk of Fame, blurry Capitol Records building, etc.) but this video isn’t necessarily for locals: it’s for people outside of LA, that Céline shopper who may be in LA and wanting to buy some fancy pants. The video is set to an abbreviated version of Ariel Pink’s LA classic hymn “Life In L.A.” (longer post on that song coming at a later date) and ultimately is a strangely beautiful lo-fi, hi-fi dedication to the city.

While interesting, the video is a little bit confusing: it’s both abstract fashion film and LA culture smear, a collage of pretty and not pretty visuals all to say, “We have a store in this city (but we won’t show it you have to come see it yourself)!” You can watch the video below but, curiously, the embedded version of it on Céline’s home page says it’s seven minutes long (and some change) but only plays to the two minutes-ish extent. Perhaps there’s an uncut version? Maybe that one enters the store? We’ll see. Catch it below, regardless.

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