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Geoff McFetridge With Heath Opening

Geoff McFetridge With Heath Opening

Last week, we spoke with Geoff McFetridge about his show at Heath Ceramics. This past Saturday, Heath Ceramics’ Beverly Blvd outpost hosted the opening to Geoff’s much awaited show My Head Disappears When My Hands Are Thinking, which was the place to be for art enthusiasts.

After speaking with Geoff a few times about the project, we thought we had an idea of what the show was going to be. But it wasn’t until we arrived that things really sunk in as Geoff really transformed the space in a way so seamless you’d think he was in charge of the store. He had Pottock coin wallpaper lining the walls, fabrics he designed draped on racks and upholstering chairs, tons and tons of hand carved vases, and hand painted dining sets everyone was drooling over. His creations are built to be both something of beauty along with maintaining Heath’s “commitment to craft” that beg you to use them. We definitely stood around the long wood table staring at his dining set wondering what we could sell in our household to afford us these functional pieces.

Geoff McFetridge With Heath Opening

One of the best parts of the show was how accessible his pieces were. Not only do his designs lend themselves extremely well to Heath Ceramics, the show also featured many pieces at varying price points to allow for a college student to walk out with a show print while a local family could walk out with a few upholstered chair. The crowd that night definitely reflected this notion, with artists (Tim Biskup was there), businessmen (the guys from Kid Robot were there as well), families, young people, and older people all in attendance. Everyone was there–even a few dogs, one of which belonged to Kid Robot’s Jed dog Harper, which you can see below.

Geoff’s show at Heath is up through December 31st and you really cannot miss it: you are going to love it. In every piece, you see Geoff’s handiwork at play. They require you to marvel over them, dwelling on how long creating these pieces must have taken (and, believe us, there were a lot of pieces). Similarly, if you read our quick interview with him last week, you know that a lot of his work in this show was inspired by a Roman coin he came across at an art auction. As you can see in the photos, this inspiration comes through seamlessly as he has created his own visual currency through pots, plates, bowls, prints, and wallpaper.

You can get more information on the event over on Heath Ceramics’ blog.

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