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Greetings From Utopia!

Greetings From Utopia! 1

We really dig what Jimmy Marble is doing. He’s in this artistic clique of photographers and artists and designers and video makers who make super positive, super bright, super makes-you-feel-good work that we think is pulled directly from being in LA. There’s a constant sunniness and, even if they aren’t directly speaking to an LA influence, you can’t help but notice this connection. We haven’t checked in on what the artist was up to in a while but we found a super great photo project he did back in February that was an expression of his love for the city. It’s Greetings From Utopia! and it mixes a handful of colorful naked people together as an expression of all the life and love coming in and out of Los Angeles.

Greetings From Utopia! 2

Utopia! was done in collaboration with photographer Amanda Jasnowski and is one of many things the duo have collaborated on. The two painted friends in bright pastels and positioned them next to each other and against common LA backdrops (trees, yards, etc.). The act shows a sort of juxtaposition of different personalities and energies resonating out of the city, almost like elements or aliens in a happy LA periodic table. There is obviously an edge to these images as, duh, there are a few penises and breasts and more that make cameos. It’s nice to see that they don’t shy away from going all the way: while beautiful, LA is raw and graphic and doesn’t hold anything back. It’s great that Jimmy and Amanda “went there.”

The two describe the project as a representation of their love for the “surreal dreaminess” of LA. This set–like this other LA Still Life project he did–are wonderful Los Angeles focused works that we very much support and do really express the almost alternate reality our city provides us. It also reminds us of Jim Mangan’s Color’d, too. Obviously, it’s so intoxicating that we repeatedly keep making art about it (and we keep writing post after post after post about the city). Greetings From Utopia! is so bold that you have to pay attention to it. See more photos from the project here.

Greetings From Utopia! 3

Greetings From Utopia! 4

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