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Why Do Articles Like This Annoy Me?

Why Do Articles Like This Annoy Me?

Why do articles like this annoy me?
Why did I see it, close my browser, stumble upon it again, get annoyed again, and read through it again, grinding my teeth?
How is it that a little, well-intentioned list has dug itself under my skin like a tick who refuses to dislodge itself?
How can people in Los Angeles read this and chuckle, “Yeah! This is great!”?
Am I the only one who finds articles about Los Angeles and driving and traffic to be a terrible cliché?
Were things like this created in 1996 and are now being unearthed in irony?

Am I just over thinking this?
Why do articles like this annoy me?
Why did this also annoy me?
What is it about traffic stories and LA car talk that isn’t Car Talk and community mongering embedded in something we all do not like make me crazy?
Has my sense of humor evaporated?
Does anyone else see that the red light cameras have been turned off?
Has anyone else noticed parking meter times don’t roll over once a credit card is placed in?
Does anyone else think Carmageddon wasn’t that bad?
Doesn’t everyone know that if you have to go to Hollywood & Highland, you know to take the Metro or to park on side streets?
Anyone else?

Is it that these articles are about cars?
Is it that they seem to propel city based stereotypes from within the city?
Is it that we’re being targeted by websites trying to expand it’s reach West?
Is it that many of these articles don’t even include photos of Los Angeles?
Is it that they are trying to tickle parts of me that I don’t care to have tickled?
Is it that it is intended for LA eyes who don’t actually care for LA?
Are these articles for these people?

Why do they fail to address so much else about travel in Los Angeles?
Why isn’t the Metro or bike or walking culture mentioned?
Why does this feel like they are based on a bizarro LA that I don’t live in?
Why does this feel like they are an #LAHaters ideology coming from within the city?
Why am I making a mountain out of a car?
Why can’t I just take these things as backhanded compliments?
Why do these articles annoy me?

Was I just supposed to laugh and move on?
Was that the appropriate reaction?
Is it because I care so much about LA?
Why do I feel like I just ate a Lemonheads that has no sugar in it and is all sour?

Maybe I’m not the audience for these?
If that’s true, who is?
Why do articles like this annoy me so much?
Am I over reacting?
Why am I over reacting?
Perhaps the Internet hates me?
Perhaps the Internet hates us?
Can Garcetti assemble a team to police articles made in LA that promote tired stereotypes?

Is it because I’ve been biking to work for the past month?
Is it that I have taken the Metro every day for nearly a year?
Is it that this plays into the idea of LA and not actually to LA?
Is it that I have too many questions?
Why am I so annoyed?

I’m shutting my laptop off and going for a walk.

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