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A Couples Reading From Tarotscopes

A Couples Reading From Tarotscopes 1

I have been wanting to get a reading from Marty of Tarotscopes ever since I heard that there was a professional tarot card reader within a few degrees of people I know. When we did our Featured Interview with her, we got a better idea of the scope of what Tarotscopes can do. She mentioned she did couples readings and, of course, a small seed was planted: I wanted to try this out. As a gift for our three year anniversary, Bobby and I arranged to meet up with Marty at Trails for a bit of existential couples non-therapy-but-kind-of-therapy. It was a magnificent and special way to celebrate a relationship.

A Couples Reading From Tarotscopes 2

With teas and scones, we sat in a back table of Trails with Marty. She laid out a little black cloth altar for her cards and began shuffling. The way the couple’s reading works is that you are given a subject–sex, logistics, communication–and have to think about this in relationship to your partner/spouse as Marty shuffles the deck. This happens for a few rounds, alternating from person to person and subject to subject. Once this volleying is over, she reveals them one at a time. You have various cards without explanation before you–a fox outside of a fence, a group of people riding horses in the ocean, a lady seductively pointing to a candle, etc.–and they all obviously mean something and must be working together. You quickly realize that Marty is here to interpret our hand and make a story from what the cards say of each of us individually and as a couple.

It’s fascinating to watch the reading unfold as Marty explains that an aspect of communication may be missing and that certain experiences should be shared to bring us closer. Once this initial round is done, three more cards are pulled that point at suggestions for us. After hearing we were in a solid place and that I need to get out of my head, the cards knew what to say: all is good in this relationship–you guys just need something new. Marty alludes to traveling more together, doing spontaneous, new experiences together, and maybe even getting a new environment, a la a new apartment. Funny enough, these are all things we have voiced to each other: the cards’ suggestion of these reaffirmed that, yes, we need to take our experiences together and of each other to the next level.

A Couples Reading From Tarotscopes 3

With coupling completed, we did brief personal reads since we had some lingering questions regarding our individual futures. It wasn’t any, “AM I GOING TO DIE???” type of questions but more along the lines of, “I’ve been juggling what I think my true calling really is…can you help?” type of questions. Drawing five cards and applying the couples math to an individual, Marty tied the story of the cards together to say that your job is like a bad relationship and you are great at starting a creative fire but don’t follow the fires that burn brightest. Advice like this while simple sounding actually struck many, many rich notes.

After a little over an hour, we were on our way to digest her metaphysical advice. A few things didn’t make sense but, thinking about it for a few days, what she had to say does make sense. Some of the stories and interpretations of the cards may have been a bit off but they were on the periphery of truth: an experience like this is one that you have to walk away from, think about for a long time, and let it reveal itself to you. Tarot is such a funny art because it’s about making stories and trying to apply them to specific people even though they are very universal. Some may think this is silly and, really, we weren’t going to die if we didn’t have a reading. It was just a fun thing to do and obviously any chance to hang out with Marty at Trails is a good one. We just ended up having a little tarot pow-wow this go around.

A Couples Reading From Tarotscopes 4

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