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A Glitch Is A Glitch

A Glitch Is A Glitch

We’ve recently been diagnosed with a bad/great case of watching lots and lots of Adventure Time. When it came onto Netflix, we decided to give it a watch and it has quickly become our new “Watch this as we prep content for the next day!” show. The cartoon has a surprising and not surprising connection to Los Angeles because it was made by LA person Pendleton Ward and always features the talents of many locals. They do a lot of experimenting in animation on the show and there was recently an episode that was–for lack of better words–fucking amazing. It’s called A Glitch Is A Glitch and it’s an episode that is guest animated, written, and directed by Angeleno David OReilly. It features a polygonal, computerized take on the Adventure Time world and is one of those episodes that transcends above being a kids show and above being a kids-show-that-caters-to-adults and enters into a crazy intersection of high-art and mass media. It’s a delight.

The episode is about how the Ice King creates a computer virus intended to delete the entire planet except for himself and Princess Bubblegum. The resulting issue is that everything begins to disappear and adventurers Jake and Finn must figure out a way to save the universe from being depleted. Simple story, right? Like many Adventure Time episodes, it’s delightfully complicated and gets at much more than “saving a princess.” OReilly’s animation style for the episode is absolutely integral to the story and how he depicts the decay of the world will literally make your jaw drop. To give you an idea of how it looks, it’s basically like you took an episode of the show and put it through the Glitché app twenty times. It’s a pretty perfect episode from head-to-toe and we were so stoked to find out that it’s coming from creative Angelenos. Thus, we had to share.

We couldn’t find the episode available to watch online but you can totally buy it off of iTunes. It’s only $2.99 and includes another episode that’s pretty great, too. You can catch a video sampling of it below and you can get an idea of the beautiful deconstruction of the world in this clip here.

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