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A Movie Mural On Melrose

A Movie Mural On Melrose 1

So that all star bro-comedy This Is The End came out yesterday and, from what we’ve heard, it’s apparently brilliant. Rightfully so, too: it’s a very meta, very self-reflexive film about celebrities playing into and against what we believe they are while coping with the world ending. It’s a hysterical concept and it’s on our list of “Hollywood” films we actually want to see this Summer. Something else we’re excited to see? James Franco’s performance in the film.

From listening to the film’s writers/directors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg on Fresh Air this week, we found out that Franco plays this self-involved artsy fartsy type who pokes fun at his being an actor/artist/performance artist/professor/etc. Basically, he’s playing a douche and playing into what we all think of him. What’s a hysterical thing the movie and marketing team has done to play into this *and* promote the film? He made a promotional mural for the film.

A Movie Mural On Melrose 3

A Movie Mural On Melrose 2

Located on that one mural spot on Melrose at Fairfax, Franco made a giant painting of the cast with the help of Anna Kooris and Jose Colocho. It features the main players in the film–Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, and Franco–done in an absurdist, impressionistic style by way of a hell storm. The stars all look ridiculous in a good and bad way and all the words are smeared across like Charles Manson taking a literal blood bath. This basically is what you would imagine “James Franco, Artist” to have done.

It does feel like a distant relative to his crazy MOCA show but done in a way that is as sincere as it is bogus. We’re having a love/hate relationship with it but we do give the filmmakers and marketers major props for using Franco to make a mural instead of sending him around to do press interviews. At least he gets to be creative and we really respect that. We’re not sure how long the mural will be up but definitely swing by to see it while you can.

A Movie Mural On Melrose 4

A Movie Mural On Melrose 5

A Movie Mural On Melrose 6

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