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Celebrating Terry O’Neill

Celebrating Terry O'Neill 1

British photographer Terry O’Neill boasts more than six decades taking photos but not just of any ordinary subjects. He’s clicked his camera at some of the most recognizable faces from Winston Churchill to Nicole Kidman–oh, and every single actor to play James Bond.

Brigitte Bardot with dog on bed, VIEW 03

You can even trace the history of music and its biggest players in his work, especially the black-and-white photos. One photograph shows the Rolling Stones in the midst of rehearsing for an ABC show. They’re all legs, lanky bodies and shaggy haircuts exuding youth meshed with a distinctly static energy. That was 1963, a time when the band thought maybe it would not work out and they would simply find average day jobs. In 2008, O’Neill captured the distinct spirit of Amy Winehouse in a stark portrait that shows in a sassy stance but with an uncertain look in her eyes. Winehouse would pass away only three years later.

The same goes for the world of modeling; Mia Farrow adorably eating the end of an ice cream,  a barely-clothed Raquel Welch holding a gun in Spain and Cindy Crawford bursting with sex appeal in the sunlight of 1990s Los Angeles all show the unfolding of fashion’s seasons and its most iconic faces.

O’Neill will celebrate his career and the upcoming release of his recently-released photography book at Mouche Gallery with a retrospective. The swank Beverly Hills gallery will host an opening party this Thursday, June 20th and the show will run until July 15th. Visit the site for more information here.

Celebrating Terry O'Neill 4


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