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Vacation Days’ Future Desert

Vacation Days' Future Desert 1

Hamish Robertson is a man of many disguises. Not literally, of course, but in the online world he has so many projects and aliases that it’s often surprising to find that he has added yet another hat to his collection. We’re most familiar with his work zine making via publishing front Brown Griffin and, now, there are two other members to add to the list: Vacation Days and Future Desert. The first is an online retail concept while the latter is a title for photographic experimentation that are reflections of the Southern California landscape now. What happens when you toss all of this together? A collection of beautiful, ethereal Future Desert photo collages for purchase on Vacation Days, of course.

Vacation Days' Future Desert 2

The collection is a three-piece visual orchestra who all play into each other and define the Future Desert point of view. There are the sparkly green Aventurine mixtures that feel like glowing, sophisticated fragments leftover from the post-television idea of the Aggro Crag. The Calcite prints are the lightest and feature clear crystals who are doing their best to imitate unmelting icicles. The final movement–our favorites, actually–are the Desert Rocks, AKA dedications and meditations to every Angeleno’s favorite green items: succulents. The collection together doesn’t read “Los Angeles” but they very clearly are inspired by the bright fogginess and dreamlike state the city can put you in. And, seriously, think about the titles of his aliases: “Vacation Days” and “Future Desert.” Doesn’t get any more LA gazing than that!

The prints are a fairly limited edition and are running for a steal worthy $20. Moreover, there’s a bit of a special happening now that gets you free shipping: basically, there is no reason why you should not buy one of these if you have available wall space and/or you have been searching for some new art pieces. We’re anxious to see what else comes from this collaboration and we’re hoping some hyper-colored, succulent loving, Gianni Versace-like patterns come out of it. The cube print definitely feels like a hinting into that direction.

Vacation Days' Future Desert 3

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