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Mike Perry’s Pulled Exhibition At THIS

Mike Perry's Pulled Opening At THIS

This past Friday, THIS Los Angeles welcomed Mike Perry and a collection of screen prints associated with the release of his new book, Pulled: A Catalogue of Screen Printing. The book was released earlier this year and, with THIS, Perry was able to pull together some great pieces by screen printers to really bring his book to life.

Perry configured varying sized pieces all over THIS’ space, making a sort of wallpaper for the white walls. They included tiny, little screen prints to huge screen prints to ones that were even made of several smaller prints put together. The show also hosted many familiar LA (and non-LA) artists that are friends of the site, including Andy Mueller, Pietari Posti, Andrew Holder, Jim Datz, and Steven Harrington, among many others.

Mike Perry's Pulled Opening At THIS

The show was most amazing in that the breadth of skills were mind boggling. Some pieces requires just one color, intricately and carefully ran over and over to create the piece, while others somehow balanced what seemed to be a million different colors. You had artists who printed photo-realistic prints, some who repurposed paper from books, and even an artist who finished his piece with crayons: the collection Perry collected were exhibited just how complex and intricate screen prints can be.

Perry’s Pulled exhibition is, essentially, his Pulled book live, fleshed out into a space you could walk around in. It was a really special experience and, if you couldn’t make it out to see it, definitely check out his book which you can purchase here.

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