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Decay & Sugar & Steel From Jeffrey Jerusalem

Decay & Sugar & Steel From Jeffrey Jerusalem

In case you were wondering, Jeffrey Jerusalem has some serious dance legs. I mean, not like literal dance legs but the local musician and YACHT clique member has some serious beat dropping talents. He’s put out a few singles recently online that suggest his interests lie in some aggressive techno sounds, some that rival the steely and complicated orchestrations of Simian Mobile Disco in their Delicacies work. If you’re in need of a few jams to play at a party, let tracks “Decay” and “Sugar & Steel” from JJ help you out.

The tracks seem like far distant cousins from his last release Keep Shadows From The Sun, which was more melodic and with more of a pop-dance slant. These two songs? They straight up club. “Decay”–above–is an unapologetic, “Hey: it’s dance time!” song. After a quick lead-in, you are given a drum machine playground to run around in. It wanders in and out of beeping solos that feel like a few dance machines met up in a club and are having a very, very deep discussion. “Sugar & Steel”–the newer of the two, below–is a bit kinder thanks to a slower pace and the buoyant drum machine riffs and vocal tricks. It has an underlying snap to it, making it feel like perfect walking music if you were on a cosmic safari on Neptune. It lives up to its title of volleying steely pings and soft, marshmallowy sound cushions, which obviously is less intense as “Decay.”

We were totally surprised by these releases as, aside from some of the Young Adults disco makers, there doesn’t seem to be any specific hardcore techno-ish sound makers in LA. We’ll all have to keep our ears tuned into to Jeffrey’s Soundcloud and Bandcamp as we’re sure more sounds in this world will be coming soon. (We really hope so, too.)

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