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A Stay At Alcazar Palm Springs

A Stay At Alcazar Palm Springs 1

We are a bit obsessed with Palm Springs, yes. If we could afford a place there and could afford the travel expenses, we would likely spend every other week there or out in the desert in general. It’s just such a relaxing, “There’s nothing to do but hang!” kind of place that allows you to disconnect from Los Angeles while still being connected to the city. This can obviously be a little tough for us since, well, we run a website that requires being out, exploring Los Angeles.

We’ve been trying to find the perfect Palm Springs hotel for some time, too. We’ve tried The Ace (Too cool kid Summer camp, too surprisingly douchey.), The Saguaro (Nice, campy, but not perfect.), The Parker (Brilliant…but way expensive.), and a few AirBNBs (Too much money for too much space or too little money for too little amenity.). There are others we’ve been wanting to try, when the timing and cost was right like Viceroy, Korakia, Colony Palms, and Horizon Hotel–but we just haven’t been able to make it work. We think we may have found a kind of hidden gem that is in a great location, that looks nice, and is super affordable: Alcazar Palm Springs, a near-the-strip boutique hotel that as quiet as it is cool.

A Stay At Alcazar Palm Springs 2

A Stay At Alcazar Palm Springs 2.2

The hotel is a thirty-ish roomed spot located off of Palm Canyon, just North of where the strip gets a bit wild. It has a new Spanish look to it and is covered in ivy with its very angular, well designed A leading you into its tiny front desk (which is literally a little desk). You have to check in before 9PM or 10PM as that’s when the front desk closes down, an element that emphasizes just how quaint the place is. You’ll notice as you are here that the place is connected to and ran by the same people who behind Cheeky’s, Jiao, and Birba, three very hip and very tasty places to visit in the desert.

The campus is relatively tiny and is a large rectangle with a pool at the center of it. All of the rooms surround and face the pool and you have the option of getting a plain room, a patio room, or any of their various “Deluxe” rooms that include a fire pit, nice bathrooms, more beds, etc. The thing about Alcazar that is interesting is, from what we could tell online and in person, is all the rooms have their own “character,” which likely hints at the hotels past as a private residence or something similar. We went with a Courtyard Queen, which is near the pool and has a patio. You’re also required to get a patio if you are bringing pets, who can come if you pay the one-time pet fee of $50 per pet. That’s it! If you have stayed at other hotels (AHEM, The Parker and your $150 a night per pet rule.), you know that vacationing with pups can be particularly difficult. Here? It’s so easy! We will say that the ground does get a little hot for their paws but, umm, that’s probably the entire city.

The rooms are these super bright white, woody places that are the perfect size for you to crash. The room we got was admittedly small but, hey, we didn’t need any more room than what we had. You have a bed, a little refrigerator, a bathroom, closet, and a few other items you’d expect to get in your hotel room. You’ll also notice that, like Cheeky’s, the rooms feature artwork from husband/wife art duo KeFe, AKA San Francisco based Kelly Tunstall and Ferris Plock. As you can tell, there is a high taste level here that suggests the persons running the show here and at the related restaurants are super with it. You’ll also find that the design of the place is fantastic too, specifically in terms of their graphic design and how Alcazar performs itself. From their dreamy, vacation lusting website to their near perfect resort photography to their Ace rivaling maps and signage, you feel like you could easily be staying at some resort in West LA instead of in the desert…and it’s so affordable too!

A Stay At Alcazar Palm Springs 2.1

A Stay At Alcazar Palm Springs 3

The reason why Alcazar is so inexpensive is because you are literally paying just to stay there. They do offer breakfast treats in the morning but there is no bar or room service or spa: it’s just a place for you stay and swim. They do offer specials like discounts for nearby Revive Wellness Center and you can always walk over to Birba for something but they aren’t in the market to primp you and attend to every need you have. They instead apply what they call their ABC Vision, a triangular relationship between Alcazar, Birba, and Cheeky’s: you rest at Alcazar, you play at Birba, and you eat at Cheeky’s. They don’t have everything under one roof, no, but they do have everything you need on one block.

The pool area is very nice too and–although not deep–is exactly what you need to cool off from too hot sunning. They play pretty subdued, good music (Surprisingly!) and have water and towels available for you. You can even bring out your own cocktails as long as they are not in glass bottles. It’s a totally chill scene and everyone keeps to their own cliques. You will notice that the crowd does run the gamut of cool LA people to bargain hunters (Bleh.) from the OC. There was literally two different couples who were made out of leather who were drinking at the pool from 8AM to 7PM the whole time we were there. They apparently came by RV because they found a good deal. Yes, people like that really exist.

Our stay at the Alcazar was fantastic. Out of all the places I’ve stayed in Palm Springs, this was likely the best because the price is right, the atmosphere is right, and the location is right. We had Cheeky’s every day and we went to Workshop way more than we should have. We may be spilling the beans on a secret, affordable Palm Springs place to stay but–because it feels pulled right out of LA–we wanted to let you guys know that Alcazar may be something you’ll enjoy as much as us. After all, who doesn’t like a good deal on a not-too-far vacation?

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