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Chris Hanke’s Vibrant Matter

Chris Hanke's Vibrant Matter 1

It’s funny how we visualize Los Angeles through its nature. You could make happy little palm tree friends like Steven Harrington or sunset reflections like Alex Israel or rock meditations like Hamish Robertson’s Future Desert project. The last item seems the most interesting as LA based artist Chris Hanke is on the same aesthetic wave–but his rocks are on lots and lots of acid. He’s logged his prettied up rocks in Vibrant Matter, a totally tripped out, neon splattered take on rocks that the artist has likely found in and around the city.

Chris Hanke's Vibrant Matter 2

Hanke’s rocks are various shapes and sizes and look like they were dipped in gasoline and–when pulled out–they retained the same iridescence that those purpley, greenish pools of liquid have. They are incredibly dramatic, like Mother Nature was on a shroomed out visionquest and decided to tie-dye some cave rocks. They look like they could even be the exteriors of Justin Krietemeyer’s Geodes or Elyse Graham’s Geodes since their exteriors are just as crazy colored as the interiors of his screen printed or her hand painted rocks.

We have no idea how Hanke made them or what format they come in. We imagine they are digitally done and perhaps made into prints? Are these actually three dimensional rocks? Unsure. Regardless, they are absolutely stunning and they definitely compliment Hanke’s ongoing study of similar forms. We could stare at these for hours and Hanke’s color palette is so perfect: it’s impossible to not like this body of work. Catch more of Chris’ art here.

Chris Hanke's Vibrant Matter 3

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