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KCET’s How To


About two weeks ago, KCET launched a new online cooking class of sorts in the form of videos to help you create basic, seemingly complex gourmet things. The series is called How To and is led by Kevin Van of Providence and The Dining Society. The series isn’t about creating elaborate dishes but, instead, making things for meals that are nice complimentary pieces to bigger meals.

As of now, there are only two videos: a tomato sauce recipe and a roasted vegetables dish. Neither of these dishes are main courses or anything and, unless you love eating straight up marinara, they barely are things you’d want to eat alone. However, they are integral parts of dining experiences that can transcend a meal or kill it. So, Van has made videos and recipes to teach you how to make these dishes easily. They are at about medium skill level and are far more interesting than the titles suggest (the vegetables include kohlrabi, the tomato sauce includes anchovy, etc.). Take a few minutes to watch these videos and keep your eye on the series, which will undoubtedly be our online shop for local meal help.

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