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MOCA Animates Crime

MOCA Animates Crime

Despite recent dramatics at MOCA, MOCAtv is keeping things on lock. They’re doing wild performance videos with Ryan Heffington and are showing off some crazy fly painting with John Knuth and even let popular, super “in-right-now” street artist Retna make his own documentary. They’ve done so many legit things, all of which are by locals and featuring locals too. Our favorite little series they’ve brought online recently is a super fascinating, pretty strange intersection of art and true crime. True crime is definitely not within our field of interest but the stories being told and the always varied animation from Sam Chou makes the series a very good watch.

Based off of the book and play Crime by Alix Lambert, the project explores what crime in America actually looks like but represented through very artistic animations. The stories greatly vary from very public street fights to the idea of criminality and hip hop culture, all animated in styles that reflect the tone and theme of the work. There are currently five total in the series but our favorites are definitely the two most extreme videos. One is a pretty frightening tale a woman and her family, which has her describing her adoptive brother and how perpetually off he was. We cannot expound on the story too much because it’s so shocking that you have to see it for yourself. The style its done in is a mixture of bleeding, blurry paint and pencil which is an excellently dark choice. The other favorite has to be the funniest of the group as it’s about a quasi vigilante teacher who confronts the police in their lack of help in finding his stolen car. The animation here is a light reference to Andy Remeneter‘s work and the most intentionally “cartoony.”

The videos are part storytelling and part art experiment. For Sam and Alix, it’s definitely an opportunity to evolve a multi-platform project into something even bigger. We can’t wait to see what other videos come out of this series but we are pretty sure that they’ll be some pretty wild stuff. You can catch our two favorites below. Check out MOCATV for more here.

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