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Kaspar Lerch’s The Light Of California


Berlin based filmaker Kaspar Lerch was out in California a few weeks back and made a nice, moody short film inspired and dwelling on California’s colorful skies: The Light Of California.

The video is five minutes exactly and skips around to different, ambiguous California locales, telling their stories visually through the sky. The video is quite simple and straightforward of paintings from the sky showed in all their glory completely untouched. Lerch does an excellent job of making you wonder if these are still are moving images and, around the halfway point, you can see cars moving in the background that answer, yes, these images are moving.

Watching it you will see why artists like Ed Ruscha are so obsessed with the California sky: it’s an artist itself. Take a few minutes and watch the video, which may or may not also be the inspiration for Apple’s “Spectrum” screensaver we’re all extremely familiar with.

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