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Travis Millard’s #PancakeMorning

Travis Millard's #PancakeMorning 9

How do you spend your Sunday mornings? Artist Travis Millard spends his in a pretty spectacular way that mashes together his aesthetic with food, all of which he’s been logging on his Instagram account. He’s been using pancake batter to make edible drawings that can only be described as “pancake art.” While this is both yummy and funny, you’ll be quite surprised by how easily he’s able to translate his very Travis style from pen and paper drawings to batter and pan drawings.

Travis Millard's #PancakeMorning 1

Travis Millard's #PancakeMorning 3

Using the hashtag #PancakeMorning to log his work and respond to #PancakeMorning originator Gavin McInnes, Travis shares a new crop of edible drawings every Sunday morning. They started a few months ago as little experiments, likely born from an overly dexterous ladle that could make thin batter lines, and has evolved into some pretty elaborate pancakes. He’s done popular culture references in pancake, he’s done words in pancake, and he’s most notably done a few of his own characters in pancake. It’s a pretty wild what he can do!

Perhaps pancake as a medium is much easier than we imagine. Maybe! Nevertheless, watching his Instagram on Sunday mornings has become quite a treat because you’re given surprise after surprise after surprise by way of these pancake drawings. They make us want to try our luck at making them—but I can guarantee that we’d only be really, really good at making circles. We suggest you give Travis a follow on Instagram in general and to see what he’s doing with pancakes: he’s @TheOtherFudge. Keep track of #PancakeMorning too as he, Gavin, sometimes Mel Kadel, and fans will share some wild pancake art.

Travis Millard's #PancakeMorning 7

Travis Millard's #PancakeMorning 6

Travis Millard's #PancakeMorning 4

Travis Millard's #PancakeMorning 5

Travis Millard's #PancakeMorning 8

Travis Millard's #PancakeMorning 2

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