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Duc Kien’s Simple, Great, Fancy Jean Jackets

Duc Kien's Simple, Great, Fancy Jean Jackets 1

One of my goals this year has been to find a really, really good jean jacket. This isn’t a stylistic choice but more practical as Southern California never requires you to wear a heavy jacket which makes the jean jacket—an item that isn’t too heavy, isn’t too light—the perfect alternative for keeping you warm. I have a black vintage Guess jacket that I wear the shit out of but I wanted a blue denim version to provide an alternative to the black. By some super nice LA magic, this jean jacket predicament was solved thanks to Duc Kien, a local jean jacket maker that is quickly growing their collection. We got our hands on two of their wears and, needless to say, I no longer have any jean jacket problems.

As shared previously, the jackets are sturdy, engineered garments intended to be simple and classic. They don’t focus on any embellishments or extraneous detailing: it’s just a simple jacket. There are three new washes—Rinsed Indigo, Medium Wash, Light Wash—in addition to the classic they launched with, Rigid Indigo. Compared to my Guess jacket, they totally hold their own and are actually a great deal less fussy. There is barely any branding (Even the tag is just the brand name!) and it’s kind of the dream article of clothing since it doesn’t lean on bells or whistles to let you know the brand it came from’s story. The design speaks for itself.

Duc Kien's Simple, Great, Fancy Jean Jackets 2

Duc Kien's Simple, Great, Fancy Jean Jackets 3

The versions we got were the Rinsed Indigo and Light Wash, the latter of which we have surprisingly fallen for pretty hard. The Rinsed is your basic blue jean jacket that has had the rigidity of raw denim shaken out of it to be something a little more friendly on the wearer (unless you want to wear it in yourself). The light jacket is more unexpected since it feels very nineties Lee chic: it’s faded almost to white, a perfect color for Summer evening wearing. The jackets fit a little boxy in a great way, mostly manifesting itself in the shoulders. There is a pronounced edge to them, a structure that most jean jackets don’t have.

They do run small though which is something you should know if you want to order. They say to order a size up (I’m a small, I got a medium.) which fits perfectly—but it is less of a medium than it is a small. Just know that when you go in for the buy! It’s a great wear designed in Southern California and, like they noted in their wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, the Duc Kien fashion empire is starting with jean jackets and growing from there. Rag & Bone had jeans, Ralph Lauren had ties, Band Of Outsiders had the button up, and Duc Kien has jean jackets. Doesn’t get any more LA than that! Peruse and purchase the collection here, which is affordable fancy at $138 and perfect for both men and women. You also need to admire the fantastic illustrations for the new collection by Kevin Wada. They’re perfect just like the jackets.

Duc Kien's Simple, Great, Fancy Jean Jackets 4

Duc Kien's Simple, Great, Fancy Jean Jackets 5

Duc Kien's Simple, Great, Fancy Jean Jackets 6

Duc Kien's Simple, Great, Fancy Jean Jackets 7

Duc Kien's Simple, Great, Fancy Jean Jackets 8

Duc Kien's Simple, Great, Fancy Jean Jackets 9

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