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Julia Sonmi Heglund’s Pretty Pop Culture

Julia Sonmi Heglund's Pretty Pop Culture 1

Julia Sonmi Heglund is one of those artists who are obsessed with colliding a personal aesthetic with personal interests. She’s an LA based illustrator and designer who is very good at making things pretty and dabbling in different styles, be it her own or a popularized form. She can very easily go for the abstract and literal as she can breath a humanoid life into a cartoon form. This makes her work a combination of various influences, all of which she makes time to pay attention to.

Julia Sonmi Heglund's Pretty Pop Culture 2

There are two main styles happening in Julia’s work: there are the overt pop cultural mashings and pretty illustrated experiments. Her pop cultural eye ranges from Sailor Moon to Step Brothers to being a giant fan of local music maker Zola Jesus. These three examples represent a very wide ranging net of interests: her version of Moon (above) is more of a deity by way of Grimes as her human form; her Step Brothers (below) are two Chewbacca bros instead of Will Farrell and John C. Reilly; and her version of Zola is a geometric vector of the artist. Her experiments are where she pushes toward a new visual vocabulary, one that steps away from Gallery 1988 and toward truly special creations. Sister—above—is the perfect representation of her ability to flex her talent for representation and collage-like visuals. A similar piece is Multiplicity at bottom which again shows her representational prowess paired with the quirks her popular art making has afforded her.

Julia is an artist who is always working and has tons and tons and tons of pieces for you to see. Between her Society6, Flickr, Facebook, and website, you can tell that she’s always making something new. You should certainly peruse her works and do not be surprised if you find yourself chuckling along with her. She has a brilliant sense of humor.

Julia Sonmi Heglund's Pretty Pop Culture 2.1

Julia Sonmi Heglund's Pretty Pop Culture 3

Julia Sonmi Heglund's Pretty Pop Culture 4

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