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Galaxy Vodka’s Branding By Tony Wiley

Galaxy Vodka's Branding By Tony Wiley 1

I don’t drink vodka but I do like a good looking bottle of booze. New local Tony Wiley worked on a new project for maybe real, maybe made up brand Galaxy Vodka in which he did the branding for. It’s a very simple, understated, cosmic look for a spirit that would make any liquor lover want to give it a try. It’s one of the most luxurious looking vodka concepts out there.

Wiley’s branding is very simple and relies on two basic brand touchstones. The first is the simple Saturn inspired logo of three rings circling a removed, clear (Like vodka!) planet. He uses the fonts Code Bold and Walkway (Semibold and Oblique) for typfaces, both of which have a long and spacey appeal to them. The brand mark and the font(s) used are also as refined as you imagine the drink to be. Slogans like “explore your tastebuds,” “go beyond your tastebuds,” and “one giant step for taste” help position the brand as a mysterious and attractive entity, much like a star or distant planet.

Galaxy Vodka's Branding By Tony Wiley 2

The latter half of the branding relies on space images from NASA and really make the branding click. It features various, brightly colored galaxies or nebulas or something stretched across an entire bottle, sign, card, or even within the triple rings in the logo. Like the font and brand mark, it’s a simple gesture. Because the photos are so colorful and distinctly spacey, it works quite well. There isn’t a denotation of how the bottles differ from each other flavor wise but there are details on the bottom of each—Omega, Nebula, Aurora—that hint at their potential. The only critique to give is to maybe give those sub-names a little more love so that they are more legible. Small note!

We’re not sure if Galaxy is a real, forthcoming vodka but the concept is incredibly stellar: someone should start this brand or a similar drink brand so that this branding concept can be used. Again, I don’t drink vodka but if I were at a bar faced with this beautiful bottle as an option, I’d definitely give it a taste regardless of its quality. That’s a choice made purely on looks and because it seems to be something really cool. That’s a sign of good branding: you make something look like you want to learn more about it and experience it. See more on the branding concept here.

Galaxy Vodka's Branding By Tony Wiley 3

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