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Reggie-12 In Los Angeles

Reggie 12 In Los Angeles 1

Reggie-12 is coming to Los Angeles. Who is Reggie-12? He’s a cute, feline-ish robot who fights monsters and bad robots and goes on a lot of quests with his friends Casper (a real cat) and Donald (a dopey robot), all of whom are owned and made by nice little old man, Professor Tinderton. Reggie and friends all come from the brain of cartoonist Ralph Stevenson, a Savannah, Georgia based artist. He and his robotic crew are coming to Los Angeles very soon—specifically Secret Headquarterson September 11 to help support a new collection of comics. In advance of the visit, we got our hands on the book and wanted to give you a peek inside of Reggie’s chaotic world.

The book is a little taller than a foot, thin, hard covered publication. It looks pretty one-dimensional when looking at it straight on but it all changes when you pick it up as there is an incredibly discrete soft circuitry pattern on Reggie, a little detail that brings his insides out. The book has a lot of handwriting by Ralph and—at the beginning—there is a big shout out to Eric Nakamura and Giant Robot because they were the first to publish the Reggie comics years ago. The Los Angeles connection to Reggie 12 is obviously a lot more visible than we thought!

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Inside, there are many Reggie comics blown up and in the bright blue, black, and white coloration it’s known for. The comics are funny day-in-the-life moments of the robot and friends usually dealing with their battling monster creatures or trying to right the wrongs of a malfunctioning creation from Professor Tinderton. They are clever and often cute and you basically should read them with Reggie having a Mickey Mouse voice. Trust me on that. You’ll also find that there are some pretty clever comic techniques in the way stories are told and how time passes. Since each strip is fairly self contained and short, it’s a little surprising how sophisticated they can be.

The Reggie-12 book is totally great and you can catch a lot of the work online in case you’re curious about them. It’s a little comic strip that should have more eyes on it and that would be great to see in the morning paper. Most comics now are concerned with being super long and Reggie-12 takes pride in being self-contained, brief episodes, an element that must have charmed Eric Nakamura years ago. You can grab the book here (or at Secret Headquarters, of course) and can get more on Reggie here.

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