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Joe Reihsen At The Company

Joe Reihsen At The Company

If you live in Los Angeles, you are well aware of the city’s expanse and how the city has endless pockets of neighborhoods and micro-neighborhoods that you could blink and miss when passing through or never knew existed for years upon living here. Los Angeles is blessed and cursed with having so many tiny ecologies of culture that, when collided with another, it yields some pretty beautiful things. A few weeks ago, we got word from a gallery we hadn’t been to yet that speaks to this cultural collision in an amazing way: The Company in Chinatown’s Chung King Road, who currently have artist Joe Reihsen on display.

The gallery is located at the very end of Chung King, overlooking the rest of the street. As owner Anat Ebgi was telling us, it’s a great location because everyone can see it and they can really see everyone. The space really allows for this wonderful conversation with the community and the culture they are entrenched in. The Company had formerly been at the “Moytel” building on Yale Street just a few blocks away, effectively functioning out of a garage. It was only this past May that they moved into the the new space, which is quite perfect for them.

Joe Reishen At The Company

As mentioned, the work of Joe Reihsen is currently on display at The Company. His work deals with layers and colors (or lack thereof), creating his own vocabulary that speaks from piece to piece. It’s funny because, speaking with Ebgi and Laura Hyatt (also of The Company), they didn’t really have an idea of what Joe would be producing for the show as he is a jack-of-all-trades. His work jumps from canvas to paper to metal to wood, integrating them all together into these little environments or ecosystems of sorts. Like the neighborhood as a hidden corridor, Joe’s pieces kind of speak to that idea as many of them have more to what is “just at the surface” (case in point: one of the pieces is stands about seven feet tall on two metal legs and, when standing in front of it, that appears to be it but–with the help of a mirror behind it–you can see the other world behind it).

Joe also is an expert wood and metal craftsman and actually crated a few pieces in The Company (the railing to the basement, a bookshelf in the office, etc.). He’s constantly working and, even as we spoke, they mentioned that Joe had called wanting to paint a large mural in the space. The Company is located on 955 Chung King Road, at Hill and Chung King. Joe Reihsen’s work is on view through the end of December.

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