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Whitewash At Known Gallery

KC Ortiz And Pose At Known Gallery

This past Thursday, we checked out a preview of Known Gallery on Fairfax’s new exhibit: Whitewash. The show brings together friends POSE and KC Ortiz for a show that spans everything from comic book art to pop art to war art to photojournalism.

The preview was quite the street art star studded affair, gathering up people like Ron English, RETNA, Roger Gastman, and a few other celebrities in the scene who were just as excited to see the show as everyone else there. POSE’s work were in the front of the gallery, which ran from large panels stripped from and inspired by comic books, pop art, and graffiti to single story squares and “boxes” running in a similar vain. The “boxes” were our favorites as they were paintings but were really sculptures, who played with three dimensions in a very interesting way: painting atop of glass. When you looked at these pieces, they seem to be like any other painting, but you begin to notice that parts of “flat” color are not in fact painted but are just a window into the back of the painting. It was a very cool effect and, definitely, were our favorite pieces in the show.

KC Ortiz And Pose At Known Gallery

KC Ortiz’s work occupied a more subdued space in the back of the gallery. Whereas POSE’s work was in the large, almost open-aired front end, KC’s works were in a more intimate gallery space in the back of Known that was much more fitting for his sometimes jarring and personal photos. All in black and white, his pieces told stories of occupations in West Papua and Burma. While POSE’s Whitewash played with the color white as a character in pieces and commenting on “eradication of graffiti,” Ortiz’s work spoke to more to concepts of White Man’s Burden and the idea of occupation of native peoples. Ortiz’s twelve pieces were really a treat and, when you first walk into Known, take a look to your left for one of our favorite pieces which combines a photo by Ortiz with POSE’s paint commentary atop of it (seen at the top of the post).

Whitewash is on view through December 10. Known Gallery is located on 441 North Fairfax Ave, right next to Supreme and Animal.

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