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Jeremy Scott X Kenny Scharf

Jeremy Scott X Kenny Scharf 4

What do you get when you combine one of Los Angeles’ most beloved, most crazy fashion designers with one of the most iconic Los Angeles fine artists/street artists? You get something like Jeremy Scott‘s latest collection, which includes a lot of work made in collaboration with Kenny Scharf. What does that mean? It means goofy, squiggly, big colored, 1950s obsessed garments that are ready to blast off into space.

Jeremy Scott X Kenny Scharf 2

The collection did what Scott does best: it gives you a lot of movements spread over fiftysomething garments. There’s a movement of television test signal looks and mid-century, Area 51 lusting neons and statement shirts (that say things like “EARTH SUCKS” and “I’M A MESS”) and diner boys and girls ready to meet Judy Jetson for a drink date at Tiki Ti. He’s taken these forms—1950s daywear—and has then brought in Scharf to do his fabric making. There are sweaters with giant Scharf characters, tiny, detailed patterns of martian heads that go from shirt to shorts to shoes, grafitti’d denim dresses and shirts, and—best of all—zig-zagging neon patterns that Scharf has sketched characters atop of. It’s a fun and funny collection as Scott is known to do that folds in a surprising/unsurprising collaborator like Scharf.

You would think that incorporating Kenny’s spaciness would be difficult but Jeremy makes it work. If anyone could accomplish that, it’s Jeremy Scott. You can bet a lot of the items in here—shoes, bags, glasses—are coming from sexy collaborations with big brands too. See the collection in its entirety here. Is it Spring 2014 already? Let’s warp speed there so we can see these clothes/so we can buy these clothes/so we can fantasize about buying these clothes because they’ll be too expensive for our tiny wallets.

Jeremy Scott X Kenny Scharf 3

Jeremy Scott X Kenny Scharf 1

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