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Taking Art Outside The Lines

Taking Art Outside The Lines 1

Have you ever wanted to recolor a Gary Baseman painting? What about scribble inside of a Keith Haring? What about a Steven Harrington or Shepard Fairey or Mel Kadel? You totally can now. Thanks to LA based curator and writer and all around rad lady Souris Hong-Poretta, an opportunity to recolor works by artists like this has made itself available by way of her Outside The Lines coloring book, a project that takes works by fine artists and street artists and cartoonists and animators and turns them into possibilities for you to collaborate with some of the best working artists of our time.

The book is a fat coloring book for adults and kids. It was inspired by Souris’ daughter Lulu, who loved coloring art by established artists. What a rad kid! Thus, a two and a half year project got started to get various artists—from video game artists to musicians to photographers and more—to contribute in making this really unique interactive artistic experience. It’s one of those projects that will make any art fan or not happy and will likely expose you to lots and lots of works (and artists that you have not seen).

Taking Art Outside The Lines 2

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What’s wild about this book is that it literally came out on September 3 and it has already steamrolled itself to become a Fall 2013 “It” item. I’ve seen friends Instagram it and other friends Facebook that their copy came in the mail and have heard more and more and more about it: Outside The Lines has already become that book art inclined Angelenos are plopping onto their coffee tables. It’s just so fun! It’s also a good reason to invest in some crayons and try to draw inside (or outside) of the lines *and* a portion of the proceeds from the book are going to benefit MOCA’s Education Program. This is a win for everyone!

The book is totally affordable at twelve dollars and can and will likely become a collector’s item. Stock up on it while you can! Moreover, this would totally make a great gift for anyone and—with Christmas on the way—you may want to consider buying the book in bulk to give. How could you make it even more exciting? Buy a copy and then attend a book signing this weekend at MOCA where over fifty of the artists will be there to autograph the book. How great is that?! Catch that September 21.

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