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Wild Poppy Juice

Wild Poppy Juice 1

When I think of Los Angeles made Wild Poppy Juice, the baggage of juice culture doesn’t come with it. The small glass bottled beverages are fresh and have clean, exciting flavors that come free of stress shivers usually associated with a juice cleanse. They feel more like an experimental Orangina or San Pellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverage: there is a more sophisticated something happening here that removes them far from any local trends.

The packaging is a big part of this. Nothing about them says juice and their bright, floral branding adds an unexpected attractive element as does a minimalistic sketch of the California flag on the side of the bottle. The bottles are petite with silver caps, both of which contain bursting bright colored liquids. The two we grabbed—the sunny Peach Vanilla and pink-red Blood Orange Chilli—stood out from the shelf they were on, making Mexican Coca-Colas and Grapefruit Perriers near it blush in embarrassment.

Wild Poppy Juice 2

Wild Poppy tastes unlike trendy juices too. They feel purer and more casual in flavor: they’re a juice to taste not to substitute a meal with. They compliment whatever they go with! Moreover, there is a wild imagination to them that sees flavors like sweet blood orange and intense chili collide together for a sweet-then-hot drink while the peach vanilla gives you a rounded peach with a sweet vanilla slanting to it. They’re inventive and calm and laid back much like their packaging.

There was a bit of a desire for there to be a bubbly effervescence to the juice which is only because it is easy to associate Poppy with Orangina. Its lack of movement still makes for an easy drink and also makes room for experimentation. Why not add club soda to them? Why not use them to make a nuanced Texas Margarita? Why not make a mimosa with them? There are a lot of opportunities for LA fun with these juices. They are most definitely worth a taste.

Wild Poppy Juice 3

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