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Bottle Stock Is For Wine Lovers

Bottle Stock Is For Wine Lovers 1

I’ve only recently allowed myself to go full wine guy. I had previously dipped into spirits and beers and, while a good whiskey drink is never unwelcome, I’ve adopted an almost exclusive taste for wine. If you have a similar, even vague, wine interest that people know about, it can come to define you: people will gift you wine keys and cooling devices for bottles and obscure wine literature and, obviously, wine. The enormity of wine culture is an endless pool for gifting from—and few do it with the grace and design focus that local Bottle Stock has. The brand makes everything you’d want to gift that wine lover you love. These things actually look great, though.

Bottle Stock comes from local Whitney Adams, who launched the brand earlier this year with the intent of making a “place for design-minded wine lovers.” As a sommelier and wine writer, Adams doesn’t just know wine but she loves wine, so much so that she spotted this gap in the market and is trying to fill it. Much like SoLA have done for tourism gifts, Adams is attempting to do for wine. Her products are a little more precious with a very present touch of the craftsman on each piece.

Bottle Stock Is For Wine Lovers 2

Bottle Stock Is For Wine Lovers 3

There is an appeal to Bottle Stock that extends further than wine, too. There are tie-dyed leather coasters and cards for gifting based around drinking, all of which have a wine splashed feel to them. There are serious wine treats like a small, inky wine journal and powder coated wine keys that will inspire jealousy from fellow drinkers. Very high end leather wine totes and wallpaper-like wine wrappers offer stylish, sophisticated ways to present your wine too.

These are gifts that have a lot of care in their design and are so fare removed from any cheesiness (but the wine the gifts will accompany would go well with cheese). Bottle Stock succeeds in their limiting themselves and curating a beautiful wine experience. There are many tacky, drunk grandma wine gifts that are embarrassing to buy and embarrassing to gift and embarrassing to receive. In an era of small maker support and the everyday curator, Bottle Stock stands out. Please gift these to any wine-y friends. They will absolutely fall in love with any of these goods.

Bottle Stock Is For Wine Lovers 4

Bottle Stock Is For Wine Lovers 5

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