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LAIY Video: Sinclair Denim

LAIY Video Sinclair Denim 2

We have some very exciting news to share. First, it is our second birthday today on LAIY. Seriously! This little site started on October 3, 2011—and look how far we’ve come! After nearly a year in development and months and months and months of work, we are finally ready to present you guys the start of a very new extension of LAIY’s mission of sharing stories of creatives, makers, and special people who make Los Angeles: we’d like to share the first in of our new series, LAIY Video. Our first subject is Sinclair Denim and co-founder Vincent Flumiani who gives us a peek into the Sinclair world. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a look into the world of jean making in LA.

We first came across Sinclair nearly a year ago, after the brand (and Vince) reached out to us about checking out their Downtown showroom. Vince had mentioned the entire visit that we had to check out his factory in Vernon because that space is where all the magic happens and where the jeans get made and where they get all sorts of experimental with denim. We had been talking internally about doing a video, met with Vince about it, and eventually made multiple trips to see it and—man—is he right: they do some wild things with denim there. If you have never seen a pair of jeans get made, you not aware of the craftsmanship that goes into them. What goes into a nice, quality pair of pants? A lot. We made several visits to the Sinclair space to capture details and do interviews and we even did a day long timelapse video, from sunrise to sunset, of Sinclair at work. A lot went into this little production!

LAIY Video Sinclair Denim 3

LAIY Video Sinclair Denim 1

A few things we wanted to share before diving into the video. The video is directed and filmed by rad cinematographer and all around great guy Shad Davis. All the pretty shots and beautiful camerawork is all from him! The video was edited by Matt Miller, whose work you may remember from this video we shared last year. He did an excellent job of translating the spirit of Sinclair into something coherent (and he did it so effortlessly too!). The artwork—above—for the title sequence was done by former LAIY cover boy Chris Turnham and was animated by the super talented Nancy Parczyk, both of whom we are honored to have gotten to work with. The song you’ll hear in the video is Lullatone‘s “Cannonball Splash” from their Summer Songs EP. Although they are not local, their vibe and sound were a perfect fit for Sinclair.

Without any more explanation, watch the video below. It’s great and we put a lot of work into it. Please enjoy and be on the lookout for more soon: we’ll be releasing a new video every few weeks.

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