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Questions With A Visitor: Sebastian Masuda

Questions With A Visitor Sebastian Masuda

Sebastian Masuda is the founder and visionary for Japanese label 6%DOKIDOKI. An icon of Japan’s kawaii movement, Masuda’s creative direction can be seen from the streets of Tokyo’s Harajuku district to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s PONPONPON music video. He was in Los Angeles recently to prepare for the launch of his upcoming new project RUNE BOUTIQUE, which will make its debut on December 9 at Royal/T. During his visit, we had the opportunity to speak with him.

What brings you to Los Angeles?
I came to LA to discuss about the US debut of 6%DOKIDOKI and one of my upcoming projects RUNE BOUTIQUE.

How long were you in town?
I’m here for a week.

What neighborhood did you stay in? What were your thoughts on that part of town?
I’m staying in the Westside. It’s interesting to see how West Los Angeles has become cleaner and safer. I’m surprised about all the new galleries in Culver City.

How many times have you visited Los Angeles? What do you think of the city?
Over 50 times! Los Angeles has it’s own interesting culture–and I’m inspired by it.

What was the best part of your trip?
I discovered The Counter! I think LA’s food culture is unique, and how widespread it is, is interesting.

Could you see yourself living here?
I think if I lived here, I’d stop walking. I don’t want that to happen because I like taking public transit and looking around, so LA isn’t the best place for that.

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