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Video Suspension And Pae White

Suspension And Pae White

Pae White is an artist from Pasadena who is obsessed with suspension. Well, more appropriately, her work deals with the idea of suspension through the lens of design and architecture, with dashes of technology added in as well. She’s very recently forged into video, a new territory for her that was on view at Syracuse’s Urban Video Project for September and October.

White has shown all over the world, including shows at both the Hammer and MOCA in Los Angeles. You are likely most familiar with her piece Der Wërks which was in the back of MOCA for the The Artist’s Museum, a show that White created the city-wide-branded logo for (you can read more on both here). Her work juxtaposes her suspension art with high technology and design, creating somewhat rigid and “techy” versions of this artform. In some ways, you could even view her work as the somewhat uptight cousin of fellow local Meghan Geckler.

Video Suspension and Pae White

Her pieces in video that were at UVP were short video installations. The two–Wild Raspberry Bush (Ballerina) and Dying Oak/Elephant–examine and contort an organic piece (a wild raspberry bush, a “California Oak tree in the Sierra foothills”) through 3D scanning. Both give you glimpses at the object and then explore and penetrate, creating ghostly beautiful images. They slide in quite well next to her other (non-video) pieces as both the Bush and Oak are created by a suspension of sorts as well. The pieces are pretty cool and very quick to watch and can be seen here and here.

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