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Cara Harman’s Eerie Morning Blues

Cara Harman's Eerie Morning Blues 1

Local photographer Cara Harman typically works in black in white, focusing on very ominous and visually noisy scenes. There’s a gentleness to her photography and a mild concern that something is amiss. Her latest work, Morning Blues, is a big departure for her in that it brings in color and it really focuses in on that abstract, distant who-knows-what. It’s about the unknown and those things that go bump in the early morning.

Cara Harman's Eerie Morning Blues 4

The photos range from on the road shots to mountain gazing fog filled blues. The photos are milky blue and teal into navy into black, a distinctly dark color wheel. There are occasionally lights in the distant providing an orange glow out in the distance. They not only act as a visual break but also feel like little moments of hope, that there is life at the end of the river Styx. There’s also a deep depression to them and a murkiness, one that is found in these environments being so blue.

This photo set felt particularly special for Halloween because they are emblematic of those foggy mornings in Los Angeles where you can’t quite tell if you are awake or asleep or if everything is right in the world or not. They’re from a unique in between time, before the day’s death and life, that she very fantastically taps into. They’re beautiful photos and, if you like, send her a message as she’s happy to make a print of them for you. See more on Morning Blues here.

Cara Harman's Eerie Morning Blues 2

Cara Harman's Eerie Morning Blues 3

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