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Allison Schulnik’s Insanely Thick Oil Paintings

Allison Schulnik's Insane Thick Oil Paintings: "Big Monkey Head #2" And "Big Monkey Head"

While taking a stroll through Mark Moore Gallery’s website, we stumbled upon an artist whose work was quite familiar: Allison Schulnik. While the name didn’t ring a bell, her work certainly struck something in our minds that led to a search to find where her work was so familiar.

After not long at all and perusing YouTube, we found she was the person who directed Grizzly Bear’s crazy video for “Ready, Able,” which brought her sculpture to life in a piece called Forest. What struck us then–and, again, now–were her paintings, which are these slightly sculptural pieces that are insanely thick and layered in paint, bringing them from 2D to 3D (in a sense).

Allison Schulnik's Insane Thick Oil Paintings: "Clown With Hands" And Detail

As you can see, her pieces are somewhat caked in paint. Not just like one or two coats–more like ten or twelve. It’s absolutely brilliant to see that, in this technique, she is able to make it clear what her portrait subjects are. She also does it with a small palette of colors. For example, her Clown With Hands above: the clown is almost awash in creams, hints of colors going in and out of brushstrokes that seem aimless but are detailing the figure (and leading toward his face, the subject of the painting and most vibrant part of the painting).

Schulnik, who was born in San Diego but now lives and works locally, has tons of pieces you can check out on her website here. She also has two other film pieces as well as sculptures and drawings you can take a peek at on her website. If you are in New York between now and the 17th, definitely check out her show MOUND at ZieherSmith.

Allison Schulnik's Insane Thick Oil Paintings: "Wolf"

Allison Schulnik's Insane Thick Oil Paintings: "Jimmy"

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