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Your Cool Caterers: Heirloom LA

Your Cool Caterers Heirloom LA

If you’ve listened to KPCC or have been following food truck culture this year, you know the name Heirloom LA. The name sounds appetizing and like some place we’d all frequent…but why don’t we know about it? Thankfully, we’ve looked into the Los Angeles institution (with prodding from reader Chris Burnett) and now know what all the buzz is about.

Firstly, Heirloom was started by food geniuses Matt Poley and Tara Maxey. Matt was trained in Italy and “learned the value of ‘farm to plate'” while studying there, which he still champions today. Tara was trained by Spago’s Suzanne Griswold and worked at Cake Monkey for a bit. She was also once a vegetarian but, even though it doesn’t seem that she is now, she isn’t any longer (but is sure to incorporate that style of cuisine into Heirloom’s creations). The two strive to create food they are proud of while leaving the “smallest ecological footprint.”

Your Cool Caterers Heirloom LA

Heirloom has some really cool things they are doing. As a catering company, you wouldn’t think that they are doing “cool” things (aka, anything of note). However, Heirloom has much to offer. Not only do they create your typical appetizers that can be passed around at events (with great flair that includes dishes like heirloom tomato gazpacho shots, rosemary shrimp salad, purple potatoes and speck, and many others) and tasting menus at private residences (your own personal not-so-secret dining society), but they also do other rad stuff: you can host them for omelet brunches, your wedding party’s feast, your family with their holiday menus, and other cool things.

Two of our favorite things they do is co-host wine and food tastings with Silver Lake Wine and create their now legendary Lasagna Cupcakes. Every Sunday at 3PM, Silver Lake Wine and Heirloom host an RSVP only event for $20 a head that gets you five flights of wine and four courses of their food. There is a lot of cooking and socializing and, apparently, sometimes winemakers come and speak–what doesn’t sound fly about that?? And, as mentioned before (and which Chris stressed), they also make Lasagna Cupcakes which aren’t sweet or desserty or cute but rather savory and Italian and ready-for-dinner eating. These “individual sized portions of lasagna” cover the map of lasagna: you can get vegetable lasagna cupcakes, meaty (including wild boar and lamb) lasagna cupcakes, winter vegetable cupcakes, chef favorites, crowd favorites, and a few others that would be perfect for a party or event.

Your Cool Caterers Heirloom LA

For more on these cool caterers, follow their behind-the-scenes blog and food-truck-locating Twitter. We hope now that, when you hear Heirlooms name on KPCC or see the truck in town, you are know exactly who they are…and you grab a Lasagna Cupcake from them.

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