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Susanna Battin’s I-15 Project

Susanna Battin's I-15 Project

Starting Friday, you might want to think about going out to I-15. Artist Susanna Battin is commandeering a digital billboard to create her new piece Windows. Protip: stay in the furthest left lane for best viewing!! Also, we heard from Susanna with the showtimes for the piece. Check it out!

“Here are the show times for the piece:

2:50 am
6:28 am
10:06 am
1:44 pm
5:22 pm
9:00 pm

Times are approximate only – as the show progresses, it may fall behind from the times listed in the schedule due to processing lag time.

The Billboard Art Project shows on Dec 2nd from:
12 am to 11:59pm”

Make sure you see it!!

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