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The Debut Of Scion’s 2013 FR-S

The Debut Of Scion's 2013 FR-S

Last night, we had the honor of attending a hyper secret event hosted by Scion. They kept everything very hush-hush, from the invites to the details of what was going on to, well, everything really. We weren’t quite sure what to expect but we did have an inkling that they were going to be revealing a car. That car, was their new sexy FR-S, Scion’s first performance sports car.

The event took place at Milk Studios, a full service sound stage/production hangar, which they filled to capacity with fans, media, and cars. The main floor housed an older Toyota racing car sitting next to a covered vehicle, obviously to be revealed later in the evening (which you can see above). Across from these two cars was a miniature car race track and Gran Turismo playing stations. Even though they seemed just like “car fan toys,” they obviously were tied to the car release (as the new FR-S can be downloaded and played with on the latest Gran Turismo).

Scion's FRS Debut

Down a small flight of stairs was the main event room, where six cars that inspired the FR-S sat on platforms raised by forklifts, lining the runway. The cars on the side were greatly varied, but within the same world of “sports car.” On one side you had the Sport 800, while on the other you had the 200 GT and a Supra Turbo. The cars were varied in design and style, but were all “racing” performance cars.

After the 7:45PM deadline Scion stressed to be there by, Jack Holis (VP of Scion) took the stage where he explained the inspirations for the FR-S, detailing that it is a first for the brand: a sports car. Without too much time, the car was revealed down the runway to the screaming crowd and many, many, many camera phones taking shots of the car and sending them to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The car doesn’t arrive until this upcoming spring and, according to USA Today, should come in lower than $30K (which is quite affordable, something Scion prides themselves on being able to do).

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