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The LA Holiday 25, Day 13: The Un-Tourist Scarf

The LA Holiday 25, Day 13 The Un-Tourist Scarf 1

On the thirteenth day of Holiday, my LA friend gave to me… The Un-Tourist Scarf.

The LA Holiday 25, Day 13 The Un-Tourist Scarf2

Who Would This Be Great For? The metropolitan LA Lady who wants to wear her local pride around her neck. (Or, perhaps, Alissa Walker?)

Who Is Giving This Gift? The local who may have gifted Vacation Days’ Hiking Scarf a little too many times.

The LA Holiday 25, Day 13 The Un-Tourist Scarf3

Why This Gift? Emily McDowell is a local illustrator who has taken her love of Los Angeles and interpretation of it into a business. She’s created a series of limited edition scarves called the Un-Tourist Scarf that gives an insider point-of-view of a city with her illustrative twist. From cars to tourism, beaches and palm trees, Emily gives you a bit of everything that is the LA experience. It’s also very fine quality—”buttery soft, matte, sand-washed” silk—that comes in a large 36″ square.

Where Can You Get It? You can buy the scarf from Emily’s website. Note it is a *bit* pricey but there are other options like a Palm Springs version and an affordable LA Green Tea Smoothie Tea Towel. If you want to get more variety in scarfing, there’s always that Vacation Days’ Hiking Scarf

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