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Light By David Parker


Whenever I see someone running water while brushing their teeth, I go insane. I shut the water off, I preach to the person about why that is wasteful, and spout off made up statistics on gallons of water and whales (that I once read on a church retreat in high school). I feel soooo important and mighty and entitled and pat myself on the back for doing community service (when in reality I just told someone to shut water off because its wasteful). Ironically, I always keep my lights on and am super excessive when it comes to electricity. And, someone has done something: David Parker, director of Light.

Parker is a part of Sunday / Paper, a creative collective consisting of Parker and Cole Schreiber. The video they created is the ultimate “Stop being wasteful!” statement in relationship to electrical waste. The video is a short “intended to bring awareness to energy waste” statement, which is illustrated by lights “bleeding” from being left on too long.

The film was shot over the course of a few nights in LA, spanning places from a Santa Monica parking deck to Downtown Los Angeles to a Fairfax mattress store and many, many other familiar local locations. The video turns the city into a wasteful city flooded in light. It makes you think about how often we flippantly leave lights on and, frankly, don’t give a shit about our environmental footprint. The little film is quite good and, next time you try to school someone in waste, you should actually do something about it instead of telling them, “What you are doing is bad.”

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